• Mary with grand-daughter Lacey at Mother/Daughter Dinner 2017
  • VBS Opening 6-19-14
  • Fire Works from God on the 4th of July.
  • Palm Sunday
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Closing program at VBS 2015
  • UMW President, Sharon Moore welcomes everyone to the Mother/Daughter Dinner 2017.
  • Mary and her "Girls" at Mother Daughter Dinner 2017
  • Imogene congratulated by Connie as UMW's woman of the year.
  • Vacation Bible School Picnic 6-26-2015, Ice Cream treats for all!
  • Mother/daughter Dinner 2017 hostesses, Eileen and Vida Lee
  • Vida Lee and Linda greeted women attending the Women's Workshop 2015
  • Robin and guest, Charlene at Mother daughter dinner 2017.

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Someone gave me the book ‘Not a Fan’ to read.  In it pastor and author Kyle Idleman says he got a letter from someone in his church that said they were withdrawing their membership from his church and the reason they listed was, “I don’t like Kyle’s sermons.”  Not expecting a call from the pastor of one of the 10 largest churches in the country, the person who wrote the letter was in shock when he got a call from Pastor Kyle.  When he finally got to the point, the person said he just felt like Pastor Kyle’s sermons intrude too much on the person’s life.  Kyle said to himself, ‘Umm…. that’s basically my job.’

If Jesus isn’t intruding in and on your life, something isn’t right.  When Jesus becomes Lord of your life, it’s like the home makeover shows.  Makeover is not even the right word.  If you’ve seen the show, they tear the old house down and build a completely new house.  They remake and He remakes something that was flawed and insufficient and by the end make(s) it into something new and beautiful and purposeful.  And that’s a welcome intrusion.

That's what God is doing in the people at Wesley Chapel UMC.  He is remaking and remolding us to be more like His Son, Jesus Christ.  So if you want a pastor that believes what the Bible says about Jesus Christ being the only way to God the Father; if you want to be around imperfect people striving to be more like Jesus, yet admittedly falling short; and if you don't mind getting your toes stepped on once in a while by God's Word, along with all the rest of us - - then I believe you have found the place to call your church home.

I invite you to see for yourself by listening to a sermon from our website.  Or better yet, join us for worship at 8:30, 9:30, or 11:00 any Sunday morning.

Christ's servant,
Scott Knowlton