Focus for March 2015

                Focus of the Month - March 2015


E-Cigarettes: Are they safe?

E-cigarettes are battery-powered electronic nicotine delivery systems. They are currently unregulated products, with inconsistent manufacturing processes, leading to varying levels of nicotine. E-cigarettes imitate the practice of smoking and enable the inhaling of nicotine.


The safety and efficacy of e-cigarette use for smoking cessation is unknown. Smokers should be encouraged to try approved smoking cessation aids as a first choice.


The toxicity of chronic exposure to nicotine and the other components of e-cigarettes is uncertain. The health effects of second-hand vapor exposure are also unknown.


Based on the marketing and variety of candy flavors, e-cigarettes have the potential to increase youth initiation of tobacco products and to re-normalize tobacco use in places where cigarette smoking is not acceptable. Another concern is the significant increase in calls to poison centers for accidental nicotine poisoning in children involving e-cigarette liquids.


Due to possible safety risks and the potential for health risks, use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited and electronic cigarettes are not allowed on Western Maryland Health System property.


Source: Partnership for Prevention


Tuesday, March 24th (5:30-7:30pm)

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center Auditorium

  • < >Dr. Arya Karki, Dr. Nii Lante Lamptey-Mills, and Dr. Faye Yin


    • < > Blood Pressure Screening, Video of Colonoscopy, Display on Colon Cancer and Polyps, Dietary Factors of Colorectal Cancer, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, National Colon Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial, and Allegany County Health Department - Colorectal Cancer Control Program



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