Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices


Several studies have shown that on average, healthy living may cut your odds for heart disease,
cancer and diabetes by about 80 percent. It is no surprise that eating healthy, being active, not using
tobacco products, and managing stress are good for your health. Researchers have noted that if you
make even one of these healthy choices you can achieve some risk reduction for chronic disease.


Quite often there is a gap between knowing what is healthy and making healthy choices. The more
automatic you can make a behavior the greater your chances of success. Human nature is to do what is
easy and comfortable, so finding ways to make healthy choices easier is important.


The first step is identifying what is important to you. Set a goal focused enough that you are 85%
confident in your success. Keep it simple! Think of ways to make achieving your goal easier. Remember,
it takes 21 days to create a new habit. What changes can be made in your environment to support your
new habit? Share your goal with a friend or family member who can provide support.


If you are not sure where to start, consider making an appointment with a Health & Wellness Coach.
Western Maryland Health System offers this service free of charge. For more information, call Carey at



Smart MovesTM: A Youth Wellness Program

In collaboration with numerous community partners, Smart Moves an evidence-based curriculum is
being offered this fall.
Prescreening is set for August 12th and sessions start September 9th.
This non-diet, family approach to weight management is targeting children ages 8-12.
The 12 week program will include behavior modification, nutrition education and fitness.
Each week participants attend two exercise classes and one behavior/nutrition education class.
Parents are included in the nutrition classes.
A registered dietitian, social worker, and exercise specialist will work with families to promote both
improved physical and mental health.
Referral from a primary care provider is needed.
There is a $50 fee and scholarships are available for families receiving Medical Assistance.
Participants attending 20 of the 24 sessions and making 2 behavior changes (1-nutrition and 1-
physical activity) will get back the amount paid.
For more information, call 240-964-8424 .