July 2015 Focus of the Month

                                   Focus of the Month - July 2015                 


What Is Nature Deficit Disorder?

We are all inherently connected to the earth.  It is our home, after all.  With the inventions of “screening devices”, we as a whole spend less and less time outside.  This is causing an environmental disconnect that can lead to problems with our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  The term “Nature Deficit Disorder” was coined because of this broken bond.  Human beings are sensitive to changes in the environment.  For instance, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition caused by lack of natural lighting. 

Nature shows us that we are a part of something greater and more powerful than ourselves.  It can inspire hope, promote healing, reduce stress, and boost gratitude.  We need to get back to our roots and build a healthy relationship with the earth once again.  

 Small steps for nature reconnection:

  • Try to get outdoors more often.At least one day a week.Enjoy the fresh air and smells of nature.

  • Grow a plant, flowers, or a garden.Install a bird feeder.

  • Experience the rainbow of nature:trees, rivers, deserts, beaches, meadows, stars, etc.

  • Try some nature inspired activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and swimming.

  • Volunteer to pick-up trash from parks and roadways.

Reference:  ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC


Text Box: Farmers Market at WMHS
Wednesdays 2-5pm


Grand Opening July 8th

  • Entertainment from2:30-4pm featuring Pan Jammin’ Combo Steel Drum Band


  • Cooking demonstration by WMHS Dietitians utilizing fresh produce.


The market is open to the community.


EBT (SNAP) is accepted and may be doubled.


For more information call WMHS Community Health & Wellness at 240-964-8424