Focus of the month November 2014

November 2014 Focus of the Month

                                           Focus of the Month - November 2014


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Support is available, at all levels.

Free Health and Wellness Coaching

Meet with a Certified Health & Wellness coach to move beyond your barriers to identify your unique needs and goals. For more information call Carey Moffatt at 240-964-8418.


Change to Win- Nutrition and Weight Loss Program

Non-diet nutrition and weight loss classes meeting once weekly. Call Theresa Stahl, RDN, LDN, Out-patient Community Dietitian, at 240-964-8416 for more information.


Center for Clinical Resources

If you have diabetes, the team at the WMHS Center for Clinical Resources can be your partner in 

keeping diabetes under control and living life to the fullest.  The team can show you how to monitor your blood sugar, teach you how to make dietary and lifestyle changes to control your diabetes, help manage your medication, and provide encouragement and motivation along the way. For more information about what the team can do for you, talk with your primary care provider or call the Center at 240-964-8787.


Free Diabetes Support Group

Come share your experience and learn tips for managing the disease. Meets the 1st Tuesday of the month, from 5:30-6:30pm, in the WMRMC auditorium. For more information, call Lori Shaulis at 240-964-8789.